Even when it leads you off the well-worn path...

"I had been on him for years for that," says Stewart. "I’ve always thought that the long game for him was a show like [Late Show]. He brings elements of Parr and Carson and Kovacs and silliness and song and dance but also real intellectual curiosity that is a wonderful novel combination for that format. I think there’s been a beautiful arc to [Colbert Report]. But it was time."

Colbert tells me that he talks to Stewart “about every major career decision.” He notes that their real parting was in 2005, when Colbert left to start his own show. “I wanted someone to give me the ball, but I didn’t want to not work with Jon,” he says. “And they gave me everything I wanted; they let me be my own man, but I got to still be with my friend and the guy whose work and example I admired. That was the real discussion; Late Show wasn’t much of a discussion.”

— Jon and Stephen on the end of The Colbert Report (X)
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TDS The Daily View 1999 (x)

Sorry for the very bad quality :(

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I did something bad and smuggled this clip out of the Paley Center :)       I don’t know why they don’t post all the clips. Anyway, I thought this was so cute and I just had to tape it and share it. Especially now with Stephen leaving and stuff ….

Jon got asked some loooong question that was basically: Can you tell us how you got to where you are now?

That’s Jon’s reaction and his answer:

"There was a little boy with a dream.
A dream to dance. And dance he did.
Dance with him.”

Sorry for the bad quality and missing audio!

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We eventually ran for president in South Carolina, and Jon Stewart took over my Super PAC. You know, we’re dear friends, and we spend a lot of time together,


Ugh ugh ugh!!!


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TCR Midterm Midtacular - Update from The Daily Show 07.11.2006 (x)

J: Bla bla bla … too close to call … bla bla bla … too close to call … may be some time before we know exactly what happened in America today.

S: Really? Why don’t you just ask America now?

J: How would I do that, Stephen?

S: By asking me. After all, I am America. This is the mouth of the people. In fact I embody our great nation, Jon. Tonight, the eastern part of our great nation has already made up its mind. Basically everything this side of my left nipple. Up here into Maine. But my western half – still up for grabs.

Oh my god! I just love these guys … and Jon’s face in the second GIF!

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I. Heart. Them.


I. Heart. Them.

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The Daily Show 06.08.2003

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Congrats on the Emmy win, you dethroned Jon Stewart. Is this the end of Jon Stewart? [x]

'My' executive producer.

'My' Jon.

Jon really is just yours, isn’t he. 

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Drugs are Cool

The Daily Show 16.05.2002

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The funniest thing I’ve seen all week, seriously.

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NBA Draft
The Daily Show 28.06.2001


NBA Draft

The Daily Show 28.06.2001

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Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert, reminding us all that bromance isn’t dead on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. [x]

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