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Found this biography of Jon on YouTube (x) It has quite a few Jon/Stephen rehearsal bits and a small bit about creating TCR.

Also, Tucker Carlson? WTF???

And Jon’s hair? Another WTF :)

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"I love you!" (x)

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I did something bad and smuggled this clip out of the Paley Center :)       I don’t know why they don’t post all the clips. Anyway, I thought this was so cute and I just had to tape it and share it. Especially now with Stephen leaving and stuff ….

Jon got asked some loooong question that was basically: Can you tell us how you got to where you are now?

That’s Jon’s reaction and his answer:

"There was a little boy with a dream.
A dream to dance. And dance he did.
Dance with him.”

Sorry for the bad quality and missing audio!

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TDS | 2014.04.10 The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
"The exciting news today is, I no longer need a cable subscription for the privilege of watching Stephen Colbert."

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TDS - Race From The White House 2004-03-22


TDS - Race From The White House 2004-03-22

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Stephen Colbert as Al Sharpton 2001-12-10 (x)

Stephen is so happy that he made Jon laugh omg

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Favourite moments of the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear 2010

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TDS  Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear Announcement 2010-10-14 (x)


TDS  Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear Announcement 2010-10-14 (x)

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how am i not tired of reading about the same two people falling in love in 5000 different ways yet

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